DJ Nyack, visiting from São Paulo, Brazil, made his second appearance on Show # 72 last night, after making his first appearance back on Show # 43 in January. (Definitely check out that set from January.)

DJ Nyack recently toured Europe with Brazilian hip-hop artist (and one of the best in Brazil) Emicida in June and July. Now, in New York, DJ Nyack had about two gigs a day, including a really great set at our peoples' DJ Monique's party Balada NYC, plus a second set after The REFRESH last night with our own Kieran Meadows at The Blond where we heard they had some unexpected celebrity visitors who came to chill out low-key (namely Drake and Rihanna).

Be sure to not only check out Nyack's website, but also the podcast he does with Fabio Lafa, Frequência Modulada and his 100% vinyl party Discopédia in São Paulo.

Listen to or download his set here


Fabio Lafa, visiting NYC from São Paulo, Brazil, joined us last night on Show # 72 along with our friend DJ Nyack. After we found out that DJ Prince couldn't make the show last minute, Fabio Lafa stepped right in to play a set for us -- and you could tell he fit right in as a true music lover. It was meant to be.

As it turns out, Fabio hosts a podcast with DJ Nyack and Aquiles Borges called Frequência Modulada. Started two years ago, the program is recorded twice a month and each episode has a theme (the most recent theme was on the group Earth, Wind and Fire). You can follow Fabio Lafa on his Instagram here.

Listen to or download his set here


Last night we had special guest DJ Tara with us. We were excited to have her since the Brooklyn-native is part of the crew Rare Form that organizes to annual "Donuts Are Forever" J Dilla tribute. She is also an integral member of the Makossa Brookyn Cookout summer day party series.

We chatted with Tara right before her set and you can tell she's a true music lover and digger. And then with her set, she didn't disappoint as her session brought us pure vibes for our Monday afterwork setting from the front window of The Late Late. Check for more about Tara and what she has coming up on her website, as well as her Twitter and Instagram

Listen to or download her set here


MoreSoupPlease joined us on the show last night as our special guest DJ.  We spoke to him about his journey from stopping through The REFRESH Radio Show #15 in the summer of 2015, up until now for Show # 70. Soup (that's what people call him), who is also a photographer, recently recently released a mix that is slow burning and racking up plays as we speak called Heatwave

Soup is the creative director of In Good Company and the co-host of Quench Radio with Run P., broadcast on Sundays 12-2pm on Newtown Radio.

Listen to or download his set here


Lety Love joined us last night on Show # 69 and laid down a set in her unique style, touching the sounds of Brazil, the Latin diaspora, classics and new tunes. A self-proclaimed "Brazilophile," she runs a blog called Are You Brazilian?

Her party uptown with friend of our show Delaceiba, called Beats, Bounce Batida, will be returning to Harlem soon, so be sure to stay tuned for details. And her new Monday night party OHM, a collaboration with P.U.D.G.E. will return downtown in September. Until then, follow her on her social media for the latest.

Listen to or download her set here


Martina McFlyy came back for her second appearance on The REFRESH Radio Show # 68 last night, after joining her sisters Jasmine Solano and Ms. Nix on the show in December. While she said she missed the two of them, it was all good cause Ms. Nix was in the building to support and Martina also told us that this weekend the three would be spinning at Montauk Beach House.

After updating us on a couple of highlights from the past few months (including playing on Complex Live and some projects with the W Hotel), as well as what's the latest with her footwear/accessories boutique Epitome in Atlanta, Martina took us on a musical journey through what she's been feeling lately. It's always a pleasure to have her spirit and energy grace the show. Check for her on her official website.

Listen to or download her set here:


Kendra Foster came by to hang out with us at The REFRESH last night. Foster is a 2x Grammy-Award winning songwriter and vocalist who has sung and toured with George Clinton and P-Funk for many years. This past year, she picked up the two Grammys for her work on D'Angelo's Black Messiah album, for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Song. 

In our interview, we touched on various topics, from her experience working with legendary artists and what she learned from them; to the subjects of love, strength and messages in the music. And we talked about her self-titled album, Kendra Foster, released just last month. (You can follow her on social media and find out the latest at @mzkendrafoster )

Listen to or download her interview here


Last night, we were treated to a special guest set from Chicago-native, DJ King Marie. She currently tours with Chuck Inglish (of The Cool Kids). In a brief interview before she dropped some serious musical gems and blends, she told us that she actually got her start in music from a very young age, being a product of a musical family -- her mom was a singer and both of her older brothers were DJs.

Now based in Los Angeles, you can find out the latest info about what she's up to on her Twitter and Instagram pages.

Listen to or download her set here:


Yelda dropped a special guest set last night on Show # 66. More appropriately, we should call her The Legend of Yelda since she truly is a woman of many talents. Born in Germany to Afghan parents, but raised in Toronto, she is now a NYC-based DJ and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of her own agency, People of Peace, but has also been known to step into various other roles like visual director or creative director for others, including Russell Simmons and the Nue Agency.

She designs Capes & Chapans, a type of clothing/drapery worn in Afghanistan that she's adapting & customizing for individual clients. She also founded the Camel Assembly, a women's collaborative and creative network and monthly gathering, which she describes as an organic support system. After we talked to her about all of this, she got to her set -- which was a treat, since music, she says, is her "therapy."

Listen to or download her set here


jada la reign photo 1.JPG

Jada La Reign joined us last night on Show # 65 to give us a taste of some of the sounds she's been feeling, similar to her latest mixtapes "PEACH FUZZ" and "Tangerine." She recently linked up with our own DJ Prince for his pop-up party Backyard Ting. And look out for her at her own party series Sound Garden. Plus she'll be opening for Kitty Cash in August at the Guard d'Avant music festival in Newark.

Listen to or download her set here:


P.U.D.G.E., of the EyeSpy sound set and the Vibe Music Collective camp brought us the fuego on Show # 64 last night, making his second appearance on our show, after he joined us last November on Show # 33. Never one satisfied to just do a standard run-of-the-mill set, the producer/DJ/emcee always seeks to push the boundaries with his sets, beats and music. You can frequently catch him live at the EyeSpy party (usually at spots in Brooklyn, but beginning to do one-off dates in Manhattan) with our fam Frei Speech, or at venues across the five boroughs. Check for the latest info on where he'll be playing on his twitter and instagram.

Listen to or download his set here


Run P. joined us last night, making his second appearance after he joined us on Show # 30, back in October. Run always gives us a good experience, no matter which direction he takes the musical vibes. You can catch him multiple nights around the city (check his twitter and instagram for the latest) as well as on his own weekly radio show Quench Radio live on Newtown Radio. And listen to his latest sounds/mixes over on his SoundCloud.

Listen to or download his set here:


Monique joined us last night for our second show at our new downtown NYC location The Late Late Bar. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and came to the United States as a teenager. She's been based in New York for a number of years now, but for short stint in Miami. She recently launched a monthly Brazilian party along with DJ Moma and Nitro (and percussionist Meia Noite) called BALADA NYC at downtown hotspot Louie and Chan. Needless to say, she brought into her set classic Brazilian sounds and vibes, to which we at The REFRESH were very excited about. You can follow here on social media here.

Listen to or download her set here


Last night, we relaunched The REFRESH at our new downtown LES location on Houston St and we were joined by the wonderful Ms. Nix, who gave us a treat of a set full of vibes. We should have known how good it would be after she visited us back in December on Show # 40, along with Jasmine Solano and Martina McFlyy. It was wonderful to have her again, especiailly for our relaunch, as she truly personifies the REFRESH aesthetic and sound. For more photos of the relaunch evening + photos of the renaissance woman herself, see here.

Listen to or download her set here:


Mikos Da Gawd passed through NYC last night and dropped a special guest set for us on our last show at Meridian 23. Lucky for us, his set included some of his own production work and remixes. The producer/DJ is a San Francisco-native who began making beats in high school. Check out his productions on BandCamp here, as well as his SoundCloud page.

Listen to or download his set here


DJ Ankia is a New York-based DJ who grew up in Sydney, Australia. She is a true lover of music, which made her a perfect fit for The REFRESH.

Ankia is always on her hustle, playing multiple nights a week in New York City. You can catch her first Fridays at Max Fish on the Lower East Side and twice a week in midtown at the St. Cloud Rooftop at the Knickerbocker Hotel, among other places. Follow her on Instagram for the latest. 

Listen to or download her set here


DJ Native Sun is a Washington, D.C. native who co-founded the city's ongoing event series Future R&Bass. As a versatile DJ, you can find him up and down the East Coast playing all types of parties. He also represents for collectives Beat Haus and the Vibe Music Collective.

He recently did a mix in collaboration with Amsterdam-based clothing line Daily Paper.

Last night he blessed The REFRESH with some nice vibes (after telling us he actually got his start as a hype man in a Go-Go band!)

Listen to or download his set here


Marco Weibel was born and raised in Singapore and is now based in New York. He's a well-seasoned DJ who has played in cities all over the world. In the U.S., he heads up operations for the Singapore-based music label/collective Darker Than Wax. In New York, he does the weekly DTW radio show on The Lot Radio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Saturdays from 12pm-2pm.

Listen to or download his set here


Ivory Poison was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. She's an artist and a DJ, who told us that it was producer/DJ Chew Fu who helped her get into DJing and to secure gigs. Since 2011, she's been producing events for her entertainment brand Lipstick and Liquor Bottles. She's also been the house DJ for PH Platform, a monthly music showcase and donation drive for the homeless organized and hosted by Mazzi of Def Jam Records.

Listen to or download her set here