Laurel Crosby joined us in the studio on show # 74 from Sheila Kelly S Factor to share the female empowerment and pleasure power philosophy behind the first pole dance studio in NYC and their work following  the S Factor Philosophy from its revolutionary founder Sheila Kelley

After over a decade of providing a space for women to thrive in their power, the studio is coming out of the closet and offering a whole new set of series and single classes - learn more at sfactor.com.

Listen to the interview here


There have been only about a handful of people who have really supported The REFRESH since its inception. Jason Lalor is one of those people.

Show #72 featured Jason, an artist, programmer and creator of "Blackbody Radiation." Hear more about the digital experience, auras and his residency and upcoming performance Friday 9/2 at the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning

Listen to his interview here


Harriets Apothecary photo.JPG

"Harriet’s Apothecary is an intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, magicians, activists and ancestors. We are committed to co-creating accessible, affordable, liberatory, all-body loving, all-gender honoring, community healing spaces that recognize, inspire, and deepen the healing genius of people who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of color and the allies that love us. The intention of Harriet’s Apothecary is to continue the rich healing legacy of abolitionist, community nurse and herbalist Harriet Tubman."

Learn more about Harriet's Apothecary and join them July 16-17 in NYC for Beatbox Botanicals Presents Harriet's Apothecary Summer Edition 2016.

Listen to Adaku Utah of Harriet's Apothecary dig into the roots and nature of their work, explore the meaning of healing and share opportunities to get involved on Show #65 at 2:07:10. Or you can listen to the interview here:


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Robin Steinberg, founder and Executive Director of the Bronx Defenders, joined Community Voices on show #65 to spread the word on the work the BXD does in the Bronx and with a burgeoning BXD project in Tulsa, Oklahoma, focused solely on the representation of women charged with crimes and currently in jail. Women are the fastest growing inmate population in the USA and this project will offer them holistic, community-driven defense.  

Bronx Defenders is a not-for-profit public defense organization in the South Bronx serving 35,000 people a year through an interdisciplinary legal approach, as well as impact work focused on community organizing and advocacy. 

Support the BXD and the #SheStillRises project live in person in NYC on July 21 at a community conversation on Justice with Dean Strang, defense attorney from the series Making of a Murderer. Learn more about the Bronx Defenders here

Listen to Robin's description of the work and why it is so necessary on show #65 at 1:02:55 including reflections on justice in this moment. Or you can listen to the interview here: