Yelda dropped a special guest set last night on Show # 66. More appropriately, we should call her The Legend of Yelda since she truly is a woman of many talents. Born in Germany to Afghan parents, but raised in Toronto, she is now a NYC-based DJ and social entrepreneur. She is the founder of her own agency, People of Peace, but has also been known to step into various other roles like visual director or creative director for others, including Russell Simmons and the Nue Agency.

She designs Capes & Chapans, a type of clothing/drapery worn in Afghanistan that she's adapting & customizing for individual clients. She also founded the Camel Assembly, a women's collaborative and creative network and monthly gathering, which she describes as an organic support system. After we talked to her about all of this, she got to her set -- which was a treat, since music, she says, is her "therapy."

Listen to or download her set here