DJ Chibuikem of No Wahala DJs stopped by Show # 90 last night and gave us a dope guest set. DJ Chibuikem, a.k.a. Vincent Southerland, is a civil rights attorney spoke with the Lovely Biz right before his set about all things justice-related and the connection between justice and music. A great moment of his set was when he blended a Martin Luther King, Jr. speech (Jan. 16 was in fact MLK Day) with the Kaytranada remix of Solange's "Cranes In The Sky."

Listen to or download his set here


Malik Work , who earned his reputation as an emcee with the live band hip-hop group The Real Live Show, joined us last night to play a special guest DJ set on Show # 89. The MC, actor and teacher also talked with the Lovely Biz about his upcoming hip-hop theater piece, Verses At Work, which will be at The Theater For The New City opening January 19.

Listen to or download his set here


DJ Nyack came back on The REFRESH last night on Show # 88, making him the first special guest to make three appearances on our show (he played a guest set in January and also August of this year). But when he visits from São Paulo, Brazil, we have to have him come on the show.

Nyack always plays the best music when he plays special guest sets for us -- he also currently is holding the number 6 spot in the world for a guest set he played on the show Na Manteiga Radio (which means in English, In The Butter) -- so you know you're in for a special treat. Be sure to check out our write-up on him from his August appearance to find out more about his all-vinyl party in SP, Discopédia, which just celebrated 4 years, and his podcast Frequência Modulada. And of course check his website for more, including tons and tons of artist mixtapes and when he'll be on tour again with Brazilian hip-hop artist Emicida.

Listen to or download his set here


Monique came back to make her second official appearance on The REFRESH last night on Show # 87. Last time she was on, it was the start of the summertime and it was our second ever show at The Late Late bar -- the front window was wide open to the street and Houston Ave got a real taste of our storefront radio vibe. 

This time was just as dope, but it was six months later so winter was upon us -- Monique still brought us the warm musical vibes though.

Listen to or download her set here


Ankia rejoined us last night as our special guest on Show # 86, which was also our official Holiday Party. This was her second time on the show -- she was last on the program in May for Show # 59. There was lots of holiday cheer in The Late Late bar last night as the lovely Biz spent some time distributing holiday candy to everyone chilling out with us.

Ankia always brings good vibes and great music selection and last night was no exception. Stay up with her via her website and her Instagram.

Listen to or download her set here


Stef Nava was our special guest last night on Show # 85. The native New Yorker tells us about her start in music, laughs about how she's kind of like an "honorary resident DJ" at Mobile Mondays (an all 45 vinyl party), and breaks the news that she's going to start her own R&B party in 2017. You can find her playing at nightlife venues all over the city -- definitely keep up with her on her website and Instagram

Listen to or download her set here


Devon C. Johnson stopped by last night to hit us off with a special guest set for Show # 84. The Californian-native producer/musician/DJ worked closely with Cole Ramstad (our special guest from Show # 78) on the long-running Monday night party at Apotheke in Chinatown. Now the two curate Monday nights at downtown hotspot The Blond at the 11 Howard Hotel.

Be sure to keep up with Devon on his website and play close attention to some of his own remixes he drops into his guest set for us.

Listen to or download his set here


DJ Parler was our special guest on Show # 83. It was a pleasure having the sought-after DJ come through our show and play some music for us. Check out his website and his Instagram for more info and what he's up to. (And if you ever have sound/event production needs, his company Up To Par Audio is the go-to source for most of the DJs we know.)

Listen to or download his set here


Boston Chery, representing for In Good Company, came through Show # 82 to drop a special guest DJ set for us.

The DJ/producer has some heat coming soon, believe us. You can get a taste of what she brings to the table in her guest set for us --  you'll hear that her set had lots of technical difficulties, which even though she said it was affecting her vibe, she still selected like a pro and worked her way through it. See the latest info about what's up to by checking out her Instagram.

Listen to or download her set here


Darling Chuck joined us for Show # 81 last night, which was also doubling as an informal birthday party for our host/DJ Kieran Meadows. The Bay Area-native is part of the #FOMO dance party collective along with DJs Tha Yellow R. Kel and Tap.10.

Darling Chuck brought her natural abilities in blending combined with her strong selection to give us a really dope guest set.

Listen to or download her set here


GabSoul was our special guest for our Halloween show, Show # 80, which took place as we watched people walk by the front window with costumes. Kids would frequently come in to say "trick-or-treat!" to The Late Late's bartenders.

GabSoul grew up immersed in music (since her father is a DJ) and it shows in her mixes. For example, check out her latest mix Riddim & Soul. As such, it was a pleasure to have her play a guest set on our Show # 80.

Listen to or download her set here


Representing for the collective Tekk DJz, we had DJ Engine and Zona as our special guests last night on Show # 79.

The two definitely represent the international nature of Tekk DJz in that DJ Engine is originally from São Paulo, Brazil and Zona is originally from Kiev, Ukraine. On our show, they did a tag team set mostly comprising of Footwork tunes and remixes -- we'll let them explain the genre a little bit better than we can sum it up -- check their interview right before their set.

Listen to or download their set here


The multi-talented musician, singer and DJ Cole Ramstad was our guest selector last night on Show # 78.

The California-native is known for starting the dope Monday night party at Apotheke that had a nice run as a go-to spot for the first night of the week. You can catch him now curating and DJing Monday nights at The Blond at the 11 Howard Hotel. He also frequently can be found at Soho House, as well as other hotspots around the city, always curating the kind of good vibes that we like at The REFRESH. You can keep up with him via his website and his Instagram.

Listen to or download his set here


Last night, the co-founders of the label/collective In Good Company, Jay Cas and SNCRLY YOURS did a tag-team B2B set for our guest segment. Always in tune with future sounds emanating from new producers and with a keen ear to what's next in the culture, these guys and their collective are definitely one to watch in 2017.

Listen to or download their set here


Fab Roc joined us as our special guest DJ for Show # 75 last night. The New York-native blessed us with over an hour of selections. But before that she talked about how she got started DJing, her background as an event planner, the party she created called Mile High Club and the podcast she co-hosts called Last Call Podcast.

Be sure to check out her website for her latest and where she'll be playing next.

Listen to or download her set here


Tia Jenny joined us last night to play a special guest set on Show # 74 from the front of The Late Late. A longtime supporter of The REFRESH since our Meridian 23 days came ready to bless the decks -- while the multi-talented singer/musician and DJ normally brings vinyl, she showed her musical selection is equally as shrewd with the digital crates. She mixed it up with a healthy dose of golden era hip-hop and Brazilian and Latin-infused tracks -- which makes perfect sense seeing that she's a Brazilian who grew up in New York. Be sure to check out her IG for her comings and goings.

Listen to or download her set here 


Kai OD, short for Kai Overdose, the Brooklyn-based recording artist/producer who is originally from San Francisco, joined us last night at the end of Kieran Meadows' set.

"My style is always be evolving and changing," Kai says. "Evolve sonically every project," he says.

Make sure to check out his SoundCloud page as well. 

Listen to or download his interview (and the music we played) here


REFRESH fam Frei Speech rejoined us last night for the first time at The Late Late, since we started broadcasting from there in June. You can go back into the archives to last year to really hear a number of his dope sets on the show.

Last night was no exception. As always, the EyeSpy resident brought the heat, but chose to go extra smooth this time around. You can check him on his Instagram or at his Monday night residency at the downtown NYC spot La Esquina (perfect post-REFRESH spot / afterparty, wink wink).

Listen to or download his set here


Brady Watt is a bad-ass bassist and producer, known for playing with Talib Kweli and Ski Beatz, and now currently tours with the legendary DJ Premier, as the bass player of his band, The Badder.

Last night, as he prepared to head to Japan on tour with Primo, he came by Show # 73 and in a wide-ranging interview, we talked to him about his beginnings as a hustling musician in NYC, from playing live to session work, to his "Holy Mountain Spirituals" retreat in Malibu, to recording his first album Lifetronics in a Harlem brownstone. You can find out more about him and about upcoming live shows on his website, his Twitter, Instagram and listen to his original music on his SoundCloud.

Listen to our interview with Brady Watt, which starts with a hip-hop track he played bass on, "No. 99" by Joey Bada$$ and produced by Statik Selectah: