DJ Nyack, visiting from São Paulo, Brazil, made his second appearance on Show # 72 last night, after making his first appearance back on Show # 43 in January. (Definitely check out that set from January.)

DJ Nyack recently toured Europe with Brazilian hip-hop artist (and one of the best in Brazil) Emicida in June and July. Now, in New York, DJ Nyack had about two gigs a day, including a really great set at our peoples' DJ Monique's party Balada NYC, plus a second set after The REFRESH last night with our own Kieran Meadows at The Blond where we heard they had some unexpected celebrity visitors who came to chill out low-key (namely Drake and Rihanna).

Be sure to not only check out Nyack's website, but also the podcast he does with Fabio Lafa, Frequência Modulada and his 100% vinyl party Discopédia in São Paulo.

Listen to or download his set here