The REFRESH™ is a weekly radio show, a simultaneous gathering, a platform and a community.

The independent, live-mixed music broadcast is public to the street from an open-air front window of a bar in New York City, making it raw and interactive. Bringing the music and media to the people, the intimate gathering serves as a unique downtown cultural hub for creatives, artists, influencers, activists, entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals, inducing organic connections in a comfortable space and chill atmosphere. The show features weekly special guest DJs -- some of the best based in NYC and passing through from around the world. 

The REFRESH is all about a feeling and a vibe. Chill, comfortable, feeling good, in the moment, grown and sexy even. We're seeking to create feel-good experiences and comfortable gathering spaces so that you can feel refreshed, rejuvenated and replenished. 

It's the music we love that helps create the vibe to make that possible.

Music is like a timeless ecosystem, with like-minded artists constantly influencing one another... even over generations. Creativity is the spark that lights this fire. But, in reality, a better analogy is an ever-flowing stream of water, with many tributaries. The REFRESH seeks to build on this analogy to make connections between people and ideas even more fluid and frequent.

Music is spiritual; that is, many of the artists who The REFRESH naturally has an affinity for are making music to explore their own spiritual connection with a higher energy, and they are seeking to make music that touches someone else's soul.

Music that grooves, music you can feel, music that says something — all rooted from a place of love.

The REFRESH aesthetic encompasses multiple genres, but most often finds itself concerned with progressive black music, in whatever form it takes: blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll, soul, funk, R&B and hip-hop. Soul music is the foundation.

That's why so-called neo-soul is emphasized here. No one likes to be boxed in with a label, but it's the easiest way to describe current soul that is steeped in the traditions of true soul music, and also which has been influenced by the proliferation of hip-hop, sampling and beat-making.

And in addition, there is this undeniable Caribbean influence all throughout African American music, and vice-versa, hence the inclusion of reggae and island vibes in The REFRESH aesthetic — especially love songs.

In the end, it's the principles of self-reflecting, questioning and evolving, which are key. Being open to change. Being open to become better. Learning how to love ourselves and then act outwardly in a giving way, from a place of love. That starts with how we interact with one another. At The REFRESH, we encourage folks to be open, warm and friendly.

Say hi. Smile. Introduce yourself. You never know who you're going to meet. It doesn't mean you have to be friends with them forever, or even speak beyond a short hello. But the simple human interaction is what's important — and everyone ends up feeling more comfortable and at ease. Hopefully, that idea alone is refreshing.

The REFRESH Radio Show is hosted by Kieran Meadows and co-hosted by DJ Prince and the lovely Biz. We broadcast over 100 shows weekly on Mondays from two different venues in New York City before our move in Brooklyn in 2018 for another 25+ shows, bringing us up to 132 shows altogether. We feature special guests and special guest DJs every show, including some of the best DJs in NYC and from all over the world. Our "Community Voices" segment of the show is a platform where we feature artists, activists and entrepreneurs.