DJ Nyack came back on The REFRESH last night on Show # 88, making him the first special guest to make three appearances on our show (he played a guest set in January and also August of this year). But when he visits from São Paulo, Brazil, we have to have him come on the show.

Nyack always plays the best music when he plays special guest sets for us -- he also currently is holding the number 6 spot in the world for a guest set he played on the show Na Manteiga Radio (which means in English, In The Butter) -- so you know you're in for a special treat. Be sure to check out our write-up on him from his August appearance to find out more about his all-vinyl party in SP, Discopédia, which just celebrated 4 years, and his podcast Frequência Modulada. And of course check his website for more, including tons and tons of artist mixtapes and when he'll be on tour again with Brazilian hip-hop artist Emicida.

Listen to or download his set here