Last night, we celebrated our 40th show (and the longest night of the year in that it was Winter Solstice) with the help of three very special guests: Jasmine Solano, Ms. Nix and Martina McFlyy. On our show, they announced their intention to rock as a trio of DJs moving forward, and as you can tell from listening to Show # 40, they are a force to be reckoned with. On top of that, all three have an infectious energy and positive spirit that is intensified when they're together. It was a joy to have them on the show.  

Jasmine Solano is a DJ, artist and TV host, born and raised in Philadelphia, but who's been based in New York City for the past decade. She is one half of the duo and the co-founder of the electro-dancehall party by the same name, Electric Punanny, with artist/DJ/producer Melo-X. Check her website and her social media for events, as she frequently travels the globe playing all sorts of parties, often collaborating with top brands.

For her set last night, she decided to play an all reggae set of classics, roots, rockers, culture & lovers rock tunes for us. 

Listen to or download her set here

Listen to the full Show # 40 to hear our interviews with Jasmine, Nix and Martina.

(Go to 1:46:00 in the full show for Jasmine's individual interview)